Looking to impress on Moscow the need for de-escalation, he and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov decided yesterday 'it would be useful' to meet in person on Friday in Geneva. Stand by to be surprised. 'He emphasized the United States unwavering commitment to Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity and reiterated the principle of nothing about Ukraine, without Ukraine.'. 'This of course would be the most costly economically, politically and in terms of human lives and that's probably why it's least likely,' Melvin said of an all-out invasion. It does not stop Russia interfering in/invading Ukraine. A fleet of Russian warships and fighter jets, including the flagship aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov, has reached the North Sea and is headed for the English Channel, the UK's Ministry of . On the face of it, Trumps position on the Right of the political spectrum, should have placed him as a hard opponent of the Russians but he was like a contrite schoolboy sitting next to Putin. production rates are a worry. Any commander in defence now has Russian forces to the North, East, South and West; it could all get very tasty. We all have opinions and may not always agree but nice to keep things civilised. In such a febrile atmosphere, the risk of a misunderstanding or unplanned escalation is greater, and Russia could use such an incident as a casus belli. "These are Ukrainian waters and it was entirely right to use them to go from A to B," Johnson said. 'I strongly, strongly hope that we can keep this on a diplomatic and peaceful path, but ultimately, that's going to be President Putin's decision.'. Published. Without listing specific equipment plans General Carter hinted long-range precision rockets, air defence missiles and surveillance drones would be brought into service. We are were we are now and it should have never have got to this point. Ukrainian Defense Ministry's latest intelligence assessment yesterday warned Russia had massed more than 127,000 troops along the border, together with a sea and air component that marked a 'full strength' force. Britain was unexpectedly embroiled in a diplomatic and military dispute with Russia on Wednesday after Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender briefly sailed through territorial waters off the coast. The combat readiness of your fighting units degrade, morale becomes a problem and your armour becomes less effective as maintaince for war becomes a problem. News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. The Coast Guard said the ship is . All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. SAMs/ASMs/AAMs mostly new plus a handfull of big ticket items but the vast majority are just 40 year old designs with a new paint job and go faster stripes. Are you saying another country told Iran to attack the UAE? Kyiv might also be provoked into attacking by the separatists who could then ask Russia to send troops to help, he said. Meanwhile, in a show of support for former Soviet republics, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace yesterday visited Latvia. If Russia invades what do they do next? Iran if anything will be taking the opportunity to cause issues whilst US attention is firmly off the region. Ukraine has long accused Russia of having regular troops in the region, something Moscow denies. UK politicians have been cutting our forces (numerically) once or twice a decade since the end of the Korean War, ie over the last 70 years, not just the last 30 years. Nope me neither. READ NEXT:Army poised to send 'game-changing' tanks to Ukraine to smash RussiaBefore and after maps show Russia's territorial losses in UkraineUK tanks to cause 'real problems' for Russia on Ukrainian frontlineCleverly under pressure over German spy - Britain battles 'silent war'Putin replaces 'General Armageddon' after three months in top job. Trump isnt the president now, its Biden. During his meeting with Zelensky today, Blinken reaffirmed the American commitment to his nation's sovereignty and said Ukraine had faced 'relentless aggression from Moscow' since the collapse of the Soviet Union. When we need European Allies like France and Germany, where are they. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. The Ivan Gren-class can transport 40 BTRs or IFVs and 300 troops. I have little doubt that corruption in Russia has led to some pretty shoddy construction. I doubt it. A publicly available U.S. intelligence document said Russia could stage an invasion this month with up to 100 battalion tactical groups (BTGs) or some 175,000 troops. No unvaccinated driver may cross the border and there are 10,000s of them. Regime change? Who do you think signed the peace deal with the Taliban you delusional fool? General Carter also said the long anticipated Integrated Review of Foreign, Defence and Security policy, now expected in January, will herald the biggest shake-up of the army in a generation. They would be very worried about Wildcat with Sea Venom & Martlet, and Merlin Mk2 with Stingray capability. I think youll find the Poles really ramping up, unlike us Brits who have more horses than tanks, the Poles have superannuated their winged hussars moumts and morphed onto modern MBTs. "The crew conducted an exercise to repel the means of an air attack of a simulated enemy in the Norwegian Sea.". Critics fear it will increase Germany's reliance on Russian energy supplies. RNs lack of AsUW is a gamble, otherwise why retain harpoon? Putin might be doing maskirovka. Unfortunately we are in a poor starting position militarily, as is most of NATO if things escalate. Douglas you are as delusional as can be in your explanation (Bidens fault) for why this is happening. Russian Navy ships can be seen in satellite imagery approaching the Ukrainian Coast. Access unmatched financial data, news and content in a highly-customised workflow experience on desktop, web and mobile. Thats an oversight. Britain said the shots were part of a Russian gunnery exercise. This is howRead more , Thats reassuring.Thanks. Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. "There is nothing unusual here: it is commonplace, but this time the ship is equipped with the latest hypersonic rocket system Zircon, which has no match. We have historically supported the underdog in the face of the invading bully. Most of these incidents were blamed by Iran on Israel. THE Royal Navy has shadowed nine Russian warships stalking Britain's coast in the past two weeks. In comarison with previous pictures those ships are sailing well loaded. Type 23 frigate HMS Northumberland, based at Devonport, watched the movements of Udaloy-class destroyer the Vice-Admiral Kulakov as it sailed north-west of the Outer Hebrides. This is a normal response to transiting warships from other nations., Russian amphibious assault flotilla to transit English Channel. I think one of Moscow's long-standing goals has been to try to sow divisions between and within our countries and quite simply, we cannot and will not let them do that. These vessels are more than likely head to Syria to onload stores. And therein lies the fate of the world!! While the oil tanker Kama turned on its AIS tracker, the frigate Admiral Gorchkov kept it off to stay under the radar. why? The Royal Navy has kept close watch as four Russian ships sheltered from rough weather in the seas off the east coast of Scotland. HMSs Dragon and Defender never had Harpoon fitted. EFP is irrelevant to the Russo-Ukraine situation. However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he may consider halting the pipeline if Moscow attacks. Final talks on NI post-Brexit deal as UK PM meets EU chief - No 10. The US Coast Guard in Alaska came across Russian and Chinese vessels on an ordinary patrol earlier this month, the agency has said. 'Our strength depends on preserving our unity and that includes unity within Ukraine. Dont forget its got a great habit of hitting other random stuff like holiday homes or your best mates frigate. So many completely underestimate the complexity and difficulties of achieving the kill chain with Anti ship missiles. General Sir Nick Carter delivering the annual Royal United Services Institute lecture. Iranians being bombed at will??? The group thinkers on here have no idea of the N2 capabilities of RU and without AsUW the RN is in danger of being decimated before tea time. This was to determine if the resurrected Blake and Tiger would stand a chance against the Belgrano, if they actually faced off. Pity we didnt keep developing the 6 system fitted to Tiger and Blake? We reported earlier that amid ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian navy has sortied 5 Ropucha-class landing ships and one Ivan Gren-class landing ship from their Baltic fleet, likely headed to the Black Sea. The guided missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov has been closely monitored by Nato navies on its maiden voyage armed with 6,670mph Zircon weapons. Should they choose to do so. The Russian ships' 'highly irregular' movements sparked Swedish authorities to deploy hundreds of troops and armoured vehicles to the island of Gotland. The finger of suspicion immediately fell on Russia, although Ukrainian officials said critical infrastructure had not been targeted. LOL Ivan you really are poster boy for Putin . . Just do what I do and refer to wikipedia according to which the class was commissioned between 1975 and 1991. Last night, Kiev hailed Britain for sending anti-tank weapons and troops as an 'important first step' to help the country defend itself. Not training troops. Thanks for that. An good opportunity knoks coming soon, to sink the Russian fleets in the Med, lol!! Historical connections with Lvov/Lviv arguably Polish for some. Initially other then a echo sounder suite for navigation which is a safety requirement, there are no current plans for a ASW fit on the T31s, for the reasons you have stated. Regardless of whatever you think about climate change, Greta whinberg ensures anyone over 25 gets irritated by her patronising childish ways. return to the tri nations agreement of 1899!! The RN suffered badly in the Falklands through short sightedness and gaps in capabilities, and is sadly doomed to suffer again unless it takes the enemies and their capabilities and tactics seriously. Look what we did to help France in WW1/2. Hi mate. 'Russia invaded territory in the Crimea, ginned up a conflict in eastern Ukraine, and has systematically sought to undermine and divide Ukraines democracy,' Blinken said. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. I think it is sad that Biden never got a shot at the Presidency a decade ago. We are in a potentially high risk scenario all it takes is a trigger point. The BBC said shots were fired and that as many as 20 Russian aircraft were "buzzing" the British ship. Two weeks ago nearly a dozen warships and combat aircraft from Russia's Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets gave a "show of force in the waters off the British and Irish coasts" General . Merkel should not have abandoned Germanys nuclear power generation capability, and become so reliant on Russian gas. Pity we dont have an enormous fleet of attack submarines to take out surface ships. Two weeks ago nearly a dozen warships and combat aircraft from Russias Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets gave a show of force in the waters off the British and Irish coasts General Sir Nick Carter has said. Mr Scholz told reporters it was 'clear that there will be a high price to pay and that everything will have to be discussed should there be a military intervention in Ukraine'. Etc, etc. Maybe, but are you disputing the accuracy of my first sentence? 'Should Russia invade, we will provide additional defensive equipment to Ukrainians.'. T31 is being procured to a strict budget, to get these vessels built and in service pretty quick, and we can upgrade once in service if the need requires it, they are large, and will be a very flexible design allowing more kit to be integrated over the years. All depends on how you define corruption but generally speaking most countries are corrupt at some or all levels us included. Exercise still underway, they go to the Med when its finished. Western countries deem the Crimea to be part of Ukraine and reject Russia's claim to the seas around it. UK and French jets team up against simulated aerial threat, Britain, Italy and Japan merge combat aircraft projects. I cant imagine we would though, as it could cause an incident in the channel. I think Irans aspirations in the region run much deeper than having mild cooperation with Russia. In total, the pair saw 14 ships, led by a Russian minesweeper, approach the coast off Odesa and then turn back toward Crimea. The only ones being childish are the politicians, the oil industry and those that choose to ignore reality. More info. Yes, have to agree, Gallipoli wasnt one of our finest ever ventures. 210 comments about a decades old routine RN escort operation. Actually having checked further the major problem the USA/Canada are having are the same that most countries are. AnyRead more , Once again I must say that your assessment is spot on. The talks between the two diplomats came just a day after Russia unveiled plans for naval drills involving more than 140 warships and more than 60 aircraft, seen as a show of strength. One can hope that cooler heads will prevail, and we start sorting ourselves out! Without ASuW the RN is badly exposed, and its criminal negligence sending sailors into a warzone without ability to take offensive action. Some showed messages saying:'Be afraid and expect the worst.'. Its not as easy as it seems, accurately targeting the correct vessel in high shipping density waters. Clearly they have something on him-most probably a secret video of Trump in bed with some Russian beauty! I somehow doubt it. Its more difficult now given the numbers they have positioned. Putin has huge domestic discontent for which the Ukraine crisis is a distraction. In comments that will alarm Kiev, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said her country needs 'a reliable Russia' to supply Europe with gas. And in the Western Military District, a missile regiment armed with S-400 Triumf mobile, surface-to-air missile system conducted electronic launches at a range in Leningrad region. NATO Aid to the Ukraine is not some knee jerk reaction to current events,there have been initiatives underway since independence in 1991,and especially since 2014,in the case of the UK under Operation Orbital. It was purely a theoretical consideration . Giving his annual speech to the Royal United Services Institute, the Defence chief said: They are flexing their muscles in our own back yard with an ostentation they have not displayed since the Cold War. do you have the recipie for this distillery? Moscow has announced the 'successful' completion of tests on its Kinzhal - or Dagger - hypersonic missiles, which can carry nuclear or conventional weapons with a range of 1,250 miles, in the Arctic, though the weapons had been deployed with Russian forces ahead of the trials. These Russian landing ships are probably headed into the Black Sea for possible amphibious ops against Ukraine. The only delusional people are the idiots who think Biden is doing a good job; hes lost Afghanistan, Ukraine next, and probably Taiwan in 2023 when this emboldensRead more . Most of its armour is 25+ years old, its tube artillery is a similar age and is seriously out ranged by modern Russian systems and they have just announced a cut in numbers to about 75,000..! UK, US and some Baltic states seem to be the only ones that seem they maybe willing to fight. There is currently another Russian flotilla heading for the Med, this time the flagship cruiser and escort from their Pacific Fleet. Ill think you well find Im disagreeing with a nut job who thinks Salisbury was a UK government conspiracy lol. I would have personally expected more from an accomplished person such as Merkel and her predecessors in making sure there is no reliance on anything from a potential enemy, but as the Germans can be smart, they can be equally daft. Will Stewart As the region is already occupied by pro-Russian separatists, and has been in a state of war since 2014, it was believed it would offer little resistance. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the intelligence was 'very credible.'. The White Housewarned yesterday the situation was 'extremely dangerous' and that Moscow could launch an attack 'at any point'. That is the role of EFP troops in Poland and the Baltics show of support plus being a tripwire. Ah, but at least the Brits flogged off some 60y/o CVR(T)s. If they cant see it the RU navy will likely assess its not there. Therefore in theory at least for the narrowest Dover-Calais area we could do that. Do you have a link on that drawdown, havent seen that comment before? Something will give as you cannot maintain an army at this sort of readiness indefinitely. A group of Russian and Chinese warships were spotted in the Bering Sea several dozen miles off an Alaskan island on September 19, the U.S. Coast Guard said on Monday, confirming Moscow and. The Turks the bosphorous cutting off vital Shipping routes to Russia. Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). It was/would cost a big chunk of their budget to keep them operational and safe. Estonia is sending Javelin anti-armor missiles while Latvia and Lithuania are sending Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and related equipment, according to a Friday statement by the countries defense ministers. Locally known as the UK Minister of Defence. But then we are talking about a Govt that is all style (and what style that is these days judging by the No.10 makeover) over remote substance and my do those Type 45s look smart and mean when they are out on the water especially when they have a dragon on the bow though Boris would probably add flock wallpaper as camaflage. Using it just to illustrate how the forward presence of US/Nato forces in Eastern Europe may or may not influence Russian decision making. The situation is quiet at the moment but when Idlib lights up the Russians will be there in force. Except, Trump isnt the President, its the weak Biden who sits in the oval office and has for a wee while now. The deployment was cited in Ukraine's intelligence report which said Belarus 'should be considered as a full-fledged theater of operations that Russia can use to expand aggression against Ukraine.'. He may lose power after a disastrous foreign adventure. Just to keep us on our toes. Nuclear centrifuge assembly plants. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-03/kremlin-insider-klyushin-is-said-to-have-2016-hack-details. Special Forces, or a couple of thousand US Marines or Paratroopers. 'We have information that indicates Russia has already pre-positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine,' she said. Biden??? We printed something like 45 billion sterling to deal with the pandemic yet fail to commit to proper spending to save our own planet. Surely you mean the Syrians? Seems a bit left-field but the Swedes seem to be taking things seriously. the disaster of the BEF and lack of anti tank capability that was promised in the event of conflict, sadly never materialised. Thu Feb 3 2022 - 19:50. So is his agenda really totally different? The two Russian vessels in the video released Wednesday are the first the military has announced operating off Hawaii since the new year. French President Emmanuel Macron has offered to send troops to Romania., https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-60077776. The 4.5 has the range, accuracy and stopping power to deal with that kind of threat. Tommo dont get carried away with what the media put out. This was of course totally unrelated to his dad, then VP, having a say on loan money going into Ukraine. In theory . Genuine question did Ukraine have 100% complete control of the USSR nuclear weapons that had been stationed in its territory? As far as Im aware there isnt any part of the channel that is not either British or French waters. During the last 2 years lots of HGV drivers left the profession, as happens every year. The conflict in Donbass has killed 15,000 people, Kyiv says. Food, the are a exporter of food. Yes China has been throwing money at increasing the capabilities and sheer size of its military in it race to become the worlds dominant hyper-power. Russian troops could also move into Belarus, opening a northern front for Ukraine that would put Russian forces closer to Kyiv, Giles said. The Russians will only invade if they think they can get away with it and thicko Biden has given them the green light by saying he wont defend Ukraine. We need to re-evaluate our position in the world, step back, calculate the cost of the CASD add that amount to a Defence budget set at 3%. They can receive Comms 24/7 without having to come to PD, they do not surface to receive Comms, so no difference between a ship receiving an update or a SM. Ukraine didnt invent the weapons so im curious how much of them they could have used and ultimately maintained over time. I have lost count how many times I have read about explosions in Iran over the past two years or so. faster working shipyards would help. A distraction for poor ratings at home possibly. This is why US UKRead more . Large cruise missile ship, the Marshal Ustinov, is one of at least three Russian navy ships that have been travelling back from the Mediterranean to their home port in the north of Russia. Several missiles now fit the bill, but you still need to get round the issue of targeting information before you send it/them on their way. Much as he did in Syria . History shows the wisdom of that comment, it was expressed by Montgomery slightly differently. Unlike the Ukrainians who are, in the main, suffering out in the trench systems with a serious number of dont want to be here conscripts. The US CSG in the med training with Italy and Spain no doubt this is positioned close by aswell. The receiver is a version of the one fitted to the LRASM. Forces would secure control of a canal that provided Crimea with fresh water supplies until Russia annexed the region and Ukraine stopped the flow, he said. Im not entirely sure how/where you have Ur info ref Astutes having v limited Comms when dived from? Thomas C. D'Arcy, encountered a formation of seven Chinese and Russian warships in the Bering Sea last month. George is on Twitter at @geoallison, Comments may automatically be held for moderation by our team, they will be approved as soon as possible in accordance with our. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Meanwhile, in the Black Sea, the Kasimov antisubmarine ship 'successfully destroyed' air and sea targets by artillery fire in storm conditions, in a naval exercise. Very old school looking set up and equipment. UK and Japan sign huge defence deal in warning to Russia and China, Putin publicly humiliates Kremlin lackey for 'fooling around', Vladimir Putin announce the frigate would depart last week with missiles on board, Vladimir Putin praised the ship's strength as it sailed off on its journey, Dmitry Medvedev warned the United States Russian missiles would soon be close to NATO's shores, St. Petersburg warehouse 'turns to ashes' after overnight mystery fire, Russian doctors urge Putin to 'stop abusing' Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin braced for Kremlin 'ultra-nationalists' mutiny, West puzzled after Putin evacuates warships and submarines from region, UK tanks to cause 'real problems' for Russia on Ukrainian frontline, Army poised to send 'game-changing' tanks to Ukraine to smash Russia, Before and after maps show Russia's territorial losses in Ukraine, Cleverly under pressure over German spy - Britain battles 'silent war', Putin replaces 'General Armageddon' after three months in top job, Mask slips as Xi's true relationship with Vladimir Putin exposed, EU oil ban axes 140 MILLION a day to Putins war chest, Potential sites for RussianChinese moonbase near lunar south pole. If you were spending months in a bunker in a trench system in that climate I think it may well matter. Its not a valid comparison in 2003 the Russian was in a post Yeltsin mess and in no way capable of acting as a deterrent to US forces. A source familiar with the Russian Defence Ministry's thinking said this was the most likely scenario if Moscow decided to attack, but that he was unaware of any such decision. Certainly surprised Germany seems so acquiescent about potentially putting itself back on the front line with only Poland as that buffer again. No warning shots had been fired and no bombs had been dropped in the path of the Royal Navy destroyer Defender, it said. "As I said, it has no equivalent in any country in the world. Ties between London and Moscow have been on ice since the 2018 poisoning with a Soviet-developed nerve agent known as Novichok of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal, a mole who betrayed hundreds of Russian agents to Britain's MI6 foreign spy service. So will Taiwan. Really Ivan ? Britain's BBC released footage from the ship showing a Russian coast guard warning that he would shoot if the British ship did not change course. Pretty much what their President told them on the TV a couple of days ago. So, USA has no troops in Ukraine? Iv said all along all the US has to do is move over a few B52s B1s and B2 to UK on a routine training mission. Murdaugh is heckled as he leaves court, Two Russian tanks annihilated with bombs by Ukrainian armed forces, Ukraine soldiers shoot down enemy drones with drones of their own, Dozens stuck in car park as staff refuses to open gate for woman, Missing hiker buried under snow forces arm out to wave to helicopter, Insane moment river of rocks falls onto Malibu Canyon in CA, Fleet-footed cop chases an offender riding a scooter, Isabel Oakeshott clashes with Nick Robinson over Hancock texts. Yep scapegoating the most powerful National leader in the world because his big stupid plan is tell the Russians he wont militarily defend the Ukraine. However there is some good reports if you know where to look. There was the Orange revolution in Ukraine in 2004/5 that was the point that they started to orient themselves more with the West. "It is a hypersonic sea-based system - [and the vessel has other] latest-generation weapons. Im afraid Martlet wouldnt scratch the paint on a Kirov, whilst the Wildcat wouldnt get within range to launch kinetics before being eliminated by the Grumble. You guys need more ships me thinks . Is funny that in America when Trump was President the media said he had made a secret deal with Putin but now that Biden is President and has verbally given Putin the OK to invade Ukraine the US media says nothing but how great Biden is. Russia has repeatedly denied that it is planning an invasion and instead demanded that NATO bar Ukraine from membership. Its a land grab and a hard lesson to NATO not to expand further east and Im afraid Ukraine who have been pro west since independence will pay the price. The volume of gas supplyable through Nordstream 2 is roughly equivalent to the entire energy use of UK or another large European country. It comes at a time when Russia has sparked fears of all . Preliminary analysis of the vessels suggests 3 groups. This idiot wants Biden to start the war. Morning Douglas. No-one will be able to fight back in an all in war today. Can you see hot winded Macron or blustering Boris doing that? Any damage to external sensors, VLS tubes, the bridge area, mast, or flight deck would be enough to take it out of the fight. The explosion inside an oxygen factory in the town of Bandar-e Mahshahr, south of Tehran. Perhaps all they want is a buffer zone with no NATO assets in sight? Criminal in the present circumstances which has been predictable for years that no effort to do so has been made. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link: thesun.co.uk/editorial-complaints/, Russian corvette Boikiy (back) which was shadowed by HMS Lancaster, A sailor on board HMS Severn monitoring Russian patrol ship Vasily Bykov and in the background submarine Stary Oskol, The Russian corvette Boikiy (front) was followed by HMS Lancaster, Russian warship Vice-Admiral Kulakov which was shadowed by HMS Northumberland, Typhoon jets flying above the Russian warship Vice-Admiral Kulakov, Asailor on board HMS Northumberland monitors Boikiy, Russian warship threatensto ram the US Navys destroyer John S McCain, Royal Navy shadows NINE Russian warships stalking Britains coast in just two weeks, Putin's thugs close in on ravaged Ukrainian city with thousands fleeing as intense fighting rages, Partygate buster Sue Gray's son 'boasting about mum on campaign trail as he tries to unseat Boris Johnson', Suella Braverman vows to stop the boats with new law to crack down on migrants using human rights laws to stay in UK, Runaway mum Constance Marten was 'groomed' by evil Nigerian sect leader, Man 'naked and covered in blood' arrested before mum found 'murdered' at home as neighbours reveal hearing screams, Rishi Sunaks new bill to end the Channel migrant crisis is crucial for the Tories, Leicester 'explosion': Listen to massive 'sonic' boom that shook homes and rattled windows. Historical animosity towards the Russians. They believe Mr Putin's troops are being positioned in line with his new objective, with armoured divisions set to head into neighbouring Belarus on exercise but now stationed within striking distance of Kiev.
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