X 926-8012 A) Do you remember the American Freedom Train or the Bicentennial Wagon Train? Car with 3-Tractors (#351A); a red Burlington 40' Hopper Car; a green Burlington Northern 50' Box Car (339E); and a red Santa (No. When you think of the 60s, 70s, and 80s - one of the first things that comes to mind is how groovy everyone looked. The text of the advertising mats urged women to participate in civic and government activities, but the visual images suggested that women's main concern was childrearing.". Little, "The Freedom Train" (1993), p. 40. Tens of millions of Americans saw the train as it made its way across the United States. He had assembled and built an entire City to accompany his collection. LIONEL TCA Bicentennial Special Set #2 1976 Spirit of 76 Diesel + 3 Cars MIB. Ford Museum - Artifact Collections - Bicentennial Artifacts home. The first to pull the train was the former Reading Company T-1 class 4-8-4 #2101. it is a hard to find set. Northern Box Car (#339E); agreen 40'Western Maryland Flat with Tractors(#351A); a red-and-black Southern The successful operation Pacific Hopper Car (#344E); and a red, white and blue Spirit of '76 streamline Caboose (#327-35). One year later, Rocky became the highest-grossing film of 1976 and won the Oscar for Best Picture. Super Spirit of '76 In Birmingham, Alabama, protest from public safety commissioner Bull Connor insisted that black and white people would wait for the train in separate lines and take turns entering. Vintage Tyco HO scale train set - Spirit of 1776. The display cars were filled with over 500 precious treasures of A Lighted 2-8-0 Steam Engine and Tender with Smoke Chattanooga Choo-Choo [5], The National Archives supplied the train with key documents, while, as archivist Elizabeth Hamer noted in August 1947, "Hollywood, chiefly, is putting up the capital for this exhibit. red Burlington 40' Box Car aspart of the Unloading Box Car (#930) operating accessory; a silver Virginian 40' Hopper U.S. Are you old enough to remember 1976? (Pleasants acted with the support of Boss Edward H. Crump, the most influential figure in Memphis politics during the former half of the twentieth century.) [6] While HO scale is by nature more delicate than 0 scale, its smaller size allows modelers to fit more details and more scale miles into a comparable area. the n&w engine and cars are in like new shape. Each boxcar commemorates one of the original 13 states. Each boxcar commemorates one of the original 13 states. Americana. The 1976 catalog is this set's first appearance and the Durango GP-20 Diesel that powers the I was 7 years old in 1976, but I still remember adding the spirit of 76 stamps to my stamp collection, standing in front of a patriotic backdrop for my school pictures, and the patriotic mural painted on a nearby dam. Car; Pulpwood Car; and Operating Durango Floodlight Car. This basic TYCO train set featuring an F-9 in Spirit of '76 dress (#224-35); Train Set 1776 Spirit of America HO Tyco with cars and transformer Engen works Need electric connector to Track a $10. The Mammoth Of The Rails in 1976 also included the Operating Crossing Gate (#908) and Freight Unloading However, it became very popular in the United States, where it took off in the late 1950s after interest in model railroads as toys began to decline and more emphasis began to be placed on realism in response to hobbyist demand. View sold price and similar items: TRAIN SET 1776 SPIRIT OF AMERICA HO TYCO from Auction by Daum on December 6, 0121 3:00 PM EST. The last visitor went through the train on December 31, 1976. Railway Pulpwood Car (#334A); a brown with silver roof and ends Hershey Chocolate Billboard Reefer (#355B);and a Wide-Vision This San Diego couple, Jim and Gracie Cox, tell about their involvement in the recreation. 20 minutes earlier. steam engines restored just for the occasion. (3). Tucson, Feb. 1976 (I also found private sales in Monroe LA and San Antonio, mid-1970s; Port Arthur 1979; then the newspapers get quiet): Reply. ", Little, "The Freedom Train" (1993), p. 46. "The National Archives' staff originally compiled documents and produced a wide-ranging and intriguing collection. Bicentennial was a series of celebrations during the mid-1970s that commemorated the historic events leading to America's independence from Great Britain. TYCO bills this monster set as a "railroad empire." The JCPenney set An industrial capacity would grow from Capitalizing on the growing patriotism of the United States' upcoming Bicentennial celebration in 1976, Chevrolet introduced "Spirit of America . piece of rolling stock. Before the special state commemorative quarters there was the Bicentennial quarter. win two World Wars, halt conquerors bent on global domination, and Even as of its three steam locomotives on America's dieselized railroads In 1976 Chevrolet celebrated America's Bicentennial with a special edition K10 pickup aptly named "The Spirit of '76.". and in contradiction with the American creed of individual rights Ernest Taggart, understandably chastened by the entire episode, tried to justify his having approved the visit of the Freedom Train to Birmingham 'with separate lines leading up to the train [but] with stipulated understanding that there would be free and unmolested comingling and movement of blacks and whites on the train.' Walter White, Lester Granger, and A. Philip Randolph were proposed and rejected as candidates for membership. By as early as 1922 the firm Bing in Nuremberg, Germany, had been marketing a tabletop railway for several years. a young, successful New York commodities broker and occasional steam a Piggyback Flat Car with 2 Trailers, Billboard Refrigerator Car, Tank Car, Hopper Car, Pulpwood Car, 62' Refrigerator Car, and several of his friends and associates from past steam-powered Join hands (join, come on) Start a love train (ride this train, y'all), love train (Come on) People all over the world (Don't need no tickets) Join hands (come on, ride) Start a love train, love . WITH SMOKE & STEAM WHISTLE Freedom Train would feature twelve display cars, ten that visitors The 1976 Santa Fe Action Freight featured a red-and-silver Super630 pulling X 926-7964 A). Pre-Owned. The Bicentennial quarter, with the years 1776-1976 under George Washingtons portrait, and a colonial drummer on the reverse, was actually part of a commemorative set that included the Eisenhower dollar and Kennedy half-dollar. locomotive engineer, had the idea to celebrate the Bicentennial of For 1976, the tour continued from southern California eastward through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, then turned north to visit Kansas and Missouri before traveling through the Gulf Coast states and then north again to Pennsylvania. The U.S. 7321) Mrklin, another German firm, followed suit with its 00 gauge railway for the 1935 Leipzig Autumn Fair. "[16], In the view of the Advertising Council, the Freedom Train succeeded, especially through the local rallies and media messages which accompanied it. pass with little note taken or any event to celebrate. size. set is shown with thetrucks TYCO usually supplied to its Alco Century 430 and RF-16 Shark Nose locos. The Spirit of '76 F-9 has also been seen accompanied by the '76 Caboose in a loco and caboose combination offering. Spirit of '76. diesels; one powered and one non-powered. The gauges used in HO scale are a selection of standard and narrow gauges. Little, Stuart J. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. TYCO's Golden West set with respect to contents. (JCPenney No. the most remarkable two centuries in human history. The train set portion also included Vintage Tyco HO Scale Spirit of 76 Train 8 Piece Set. 2-Train Set X 926-7972 A). (No. The year 1976 ushered in America's Bicentennial, the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. display cars of its predecessor, the 1947 Freedom Train. in the '76 catalog. $24.50. 6-7601 Delaware Boxcar. from April 1, 1975 to December 31, 1976 more than 7 million Americans McGinnis, "The Advertising Council and the Cold War" (1991), p. 73. Included in these diverse artifacts were George Washington's The Set includes: Vintage Plastic Cowboys and Indians 69 Pieces. The Spirit of '76 (No. (2), The train wasnt just something that you watched as it rolled by your city. The Alstom Citadis Spirit light rail train was designed specifically for North America, but Ottawa will be the first to use it. 1. Car (#344E); and a redSanta Fe Wide-VisionCaboose (#327-22). (No. Loss of some of the embossed seal on one of the locomotives, but otherwise MINT. produced a rebirth of steam in excursion train service that flourished An ALCO PA diesel-electric locomotive pulled the train, which carried the original versions of the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Truman Doctrine, and the Bill of Rights on its tour of more than 300 cities in all 48 states. "[9], The Train displayed exhibits such as "Good Citizen", which portrayed men wearing suits [10] Exhibits also defined American freedoms in terms of consumerism and boasted of superior commodity production. Facing a public relations backlash and seeking to brand the Western Bloc as more free than its counterpart, the Truman administration announced in September 1947 a policy of desegregation for the train, scheduled to depart only two weeks later. moon. or Best Offer. at the best online prices at eBay! Both Freedom Trains made a stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. May 6, 1975. representative artifacts from the 200 year history of the nation. 1976 Chevrolet C-10 Additional Info: Spirit of "76" Bicentennial model 1 of 500 produced. Or do you simply remember the commemoration of the year in postage stamps and coins? All Aboard America is a short 1976 film about the bicentennial celebration train, the American Freedom Train, discussing the project's inception, design and . Little, "The Freedom Train" (1993), p. 42. The trains initially had a clockwork drive, but from 1924 were driven electrically. and Caboose. the train or to find or restore suitable steam locomotion. on the journey, America had paused for an exuberant celebration It was the first train to visit all 48 contiguous states (the 1936 Rexall Train had come close, but missed Nevada). 183. Lisa, Izzy and Tentomon came into the building and were hiding out of sight from the security cameras. Streamliners. The switches provided were Some evidence of age discoloration on the white plastic on one of the locomotives, as one would expect having regard to its age. In most English-speaking markets it is pronounced aitch-oh and written with the letters HO today, but in German it is pronounced hah-null, and still written with the letter H and number 0. Scale describes the size of a modeled object relative to its prototype. When Freedom Train organizers then canceled the train's planned stop in Memphis, Mayor Pleasants responded that segregated viewing hours were necessary to avert "race trouble" that would inevitably result from interracial "jostling and pushing". 9000) Little, "The Freedom Train" (1993), pp. (No. This set is found in both TYCO's and JCPenney's 1976 catalogs. The name HO is derived from the fact that its 1:87 scale is approximately half that of O scale which was the smallest of the series of older and larger 0, 1, 2 and 3 scales introduced by Mrklin around 1900. The American Little, "The Freedom Train" (1993), p. 43. Gena is a genealogist and author of the book From the Family Kitchen.. Crossing Gate (No.908); 24-Signs and Poles (No.904); Remote Control Whistle in Billboard (No.934); 47-sections of track with Black American poet Langston Hughes wrote a critical poem, "Freedom Train", in which he described the Freedom Train passing through the segregated southern states, where black and white passengers rode in separate cars. This TYCO train set featured a pair of red-and-silver Santa Fe F-9 (#248-21) Engine is a fresh build 283 bored 30 over with small cam. [15], The white press favored the train with mostly positive coverage. 135136. Vintage Tyco HO Scale Spirit of 76 Train 8 Piece Set. [2] Frederick D. Patterson, president of Tuskegee Institute and founder of the United Negro College Fund was named as a trustee in October 1947. MALE NARRATOR: On a Friday just a few weeks ago, the barbershop closed three hours early. (JCPenney No. The Diesel Freight . Locomotives: Each is 7 long, 2.25 tall and 1.5 wide. SantaFe Action Freight The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. . This is a RARE and COMPLETE SET.you will not find this elsewhere!! The Splendid Spirit was only on the train through Columbus, but the aux tender remained with the T-1 locomotive through the end of its run in 1976. by Larry R. Kirstein, Photography $39.99 + $12.45 shipping. You may be wondering if your stack of Bicentennial quarters has some value today. set. Finally, the standard 1-amp Power Pak (#899) came with this train set. The Midnight Special [1], The Board of Trustees for the new foundation included:[1], The Board of Trustees did not include any African-Americans until after the train had launched. *. So in 1974, a couple of years ahead of schedule and maybe to boost sales, Chevrolet sold a really nice trim package on their El Camino, Impala, Nova, and Vega models. Nadine's indomitable spirit carried her forward in memorable ways, especially for someone whose life limitations were already diagnosed. $45.00. Published by Nevan O Shaughnessy on June 28, 2017. the uniquely magnificent vehicle that brought America's Bicentennial was, "The Midnight Special 5-unit FreightTrain Set" and it was their stock number X 926-8053 A and sold for $23.99. 7302) [13] As Alaska and Hawaii did not gain statehood until 1959, this train toured all of the U.S. states that existed at the time. Sunday Break 1 (Peter Frampton, Santana, Gary Wright, America, Cecilio & Kapono, and Wolfman Jack) Sunday Break 2 [Fleetwood Mac, America, The Band, Chicago and Steve Miller] Supertramp Suzi Quatro T Rex Talking Heads Tears for Fears Ted Nugent Television Terence Trent D'Arby 7340) Special fender decals, Red and Blue pin stripes and a Gold Spirit . Little, "The Freedom Train" (1993), p. 48. The set featured what TYCO billed as a "commemorative" 4-6-0 Spirit of America Steam Engine and Tender; an The American Heritage Foundation gave licenses to some vendors to sell Freedom Train gear such as books and postcards, while barring unauthorized merchants from selling other Freedom paraphernalia. Limited in 1969, powered by Steamtown's ex-Nickle Plate 2-8-4 Berkshire (1) Traveling over 23,000 miles, the American Freedom Train included 26 cars and three steam engines. Photo by John Vachon, 1953. 1976 spirit of america train. "Material goods and self-fulfillment through consumption measured freedom: Americans experienced 'the highest standard of living in the history of mankind, the most leisure time, the greatest per capita wealth, [and] the opportunity for the fullest development of the human personality.' [20][21], In Montgomery, Alabama, agitation by Edgar Nixon and Rosa Parks resulted in the appointment of black members to the local Freedom Train planning committee and a promise of desegregation during the train's visit.[22][23]. (No. [7] In the final roster, the only document pertaining to black history was the Emancipation Proclamationand even in this case, accompanying commentary focused on the white president Abraham Lincoln who issued the document. Vega, Nova and Impala were chosen as they offered almost everything from subcompact to full-size accommodation. the tired, the poor, the huddled masses upon other shores who were
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