Im apt to think that he means that the analog dial is stuck & turning the tuning knob has no effect. Then, there were the perpetual front end alignment problems. The retracting headlight covers were a nuisance, too. 1980 Dodge Aspen (Canadian brochure). After the lease went up, he ended up buying it and driving it for 2 more years before buying an 82 Audi 5000, itself a whole nother story. If you had a variable-venturi Crown Victoria, you could guess whether it would come off at idle speed or tear out the rear end with wide open power. Of course we cant forget visual proof of why the St. Regis population dwindled rapidly in the Eighties.. My grandpa had one as a police car. Ram 1500. I used to see these on police shows on tv when I was a boy. Most of those wound up being wrecked on TV shows and movies. A person could probably write a whole book on it. Video: YouTuber thrashes Ferrari F8, to provoke lawsuit? The Dodge St. Regis is a full-size Dodge automobile built from 1979 to 1981. By 1994 however the performance of the full sized enforcement class vehicle (Chevy Caprice and Ford Crown Victoria) was near to that of the pony cars, so the CHP now longer needed to buy Camaros and Mustangs.The 1994 Caprice with its LT1 engine was faster than a 93 Mustang, with faster quater mile times and higher top speed. He could probably have bought a new Omni with what he paid to fix the Audi. About the headlight doors: either the motor needs lubricating or the brushes are toast. #hellcat #superchargedv8 #ram1500trx #700hp, New Subaru Outback XT turbo has arrived in Austral, Gee these can take a beating. Takes all kinds, I guess. If the radio in this car was anything like my 79 St. Regis its one of two things. Ottawa :[Le droit],1913-jeudi 15 octobre 1981, Journaux, Ottawa :[Le droit],1913- I can see dumping the lean burn but convert to points? This car should be seen and driven to fully appreciate it. The name Ford Fairmont was a long-running nameplate in Australia, but in North America it was produced only from 1977 to 1983. Chrome housing, clear lens. After the September 11, 2001 attacks the CHP became responsible for securing and patrolling a number of potential terrorist targets in California. This car runs and drive's beautifully and needs nothing to enjoy. Required fields are marked *. All Rights Reserved. We live in South Carolina, so rust is not really an issue. For 1980, the 360 was replaced by a 155 hp 318 V8 4-bbl with California emissions to comply with state emissions regulations. The leather wouldnt have held up that well. It took years to find another working headlight door motor. Back then I saw the RCMP use 79 Newports & 80 Gran Furies in service on the prairies. The Diplomats, conversely, were only available in base trim. owner's manuals. 1-3. . The wiring in the tilt wheel shorted out, leaving us with no cruise or horn. Case in point - the St. Regis cars used on T.J. Hooker had brocade seats. Buy It Now +C $44.54 shipping. I made an error, but hey. One of my fellow students, who was not known for his good judgment, had a rather battered one and six of us crammed into it to go somewhere local. I think the St. Regis would have been rather like the beautiful bright red, with white vinyl top and white leather interior Mirada I got around this time, in that it would have been a comfortable highway cruiser, though not the greatest handling machine around town. 1979-1981 is the correct yearrange. I bought an estate out over the summer, this car was part of the deal, so I'll tell you all I know about the car. Still a 360, but it couldn't handle the big tires and beating, and, being lighter, you felt every bump around. the engine was a 318 V8, and unlike today's cop cars, these could only go but so fast. 1979 Dodge St. Regis Pricing Original MSRP N/a Price range N/a Average price on CG $0 YoY price change N/a Date Sep 22 Oct 22 Nov 22 Dec 22 Jan 23 Feb 23 Price (US $) $28,500 $29,000 $29,500 $30,000 $30,500 $31,000 1981 Dodge St. Regis 1980 Dodge St. Regis 1979 Dodge St. Regis Index Price See more price trends Trims & specs Dimensions: 13 x 4.61 x 3.41 cm. While the St. Regis is of little collector value today (alongside Chrysler/Plymouth R-body counterparts), the mechanical commonality of the R platform with earlier Chrysler vehicles leads collectors to search for scrapped examples for its front disc brakes to upgrade earlier cars (such as the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Barracuda)[citation needed] With the low number built (in comparison to its Ford and Chevrolet competitors) and the high percentage destroyed in film and TV work or retired after police use, very few examples survive today. Original owners manual and all 1979 Chrysler emissions documentation, and repair slips. ACCOUNT 0. This was a new car the year I graduated from high school (and, although I didnt wear it to prom, my otherwise similar leisure suit was a lovely brown polyester double knit with contrasting stitching. Wow only am fm and no cassette no 8 track player and one station working. Today's Rare Ride is for sale in Pennsylvania. 1980 Dodge Power wagons (Brochure). 1980 Dodge Police cars (Brochure). 1979 DODGE St.Regis Vintage Original 2 page Print AD White car photo Music USA Opens in a new window or tab. The Car have 3 Different Lightbars, all working Gamefeatures and other small working Parts. This gorgeous full-sized survivor is listed on eBay with an almost laughably-low buy it now price of $4,250! It ran OK, nothing obviously wrong with it, but I realized I liked the looks of it more than I liked driving it. Oh, fancy radio with glass like cover and chrome buttons from M-Body will be a nice swap with all the same connections. The higher rate springs and high effort power steering made for a pleasant driver. dimanche 15 novembre 1981, Journaux, Chicoutimi :[diteur non identifi],1964-2017 You really wanted the intersection to be very, very clear before you started to make a left turn. all combined to keep sales low. The St Regis hangs around for over a year already, the poor kid has such a hard time selling it, even though it cant be better for a non-garaged car in North Michigan. Here's the deal, I'm listing this for a friend who's dad just passed away, there having to clean the property up and get some stuff gone, I told him I would help him sell it has he's not a Mopar guy . The car was light blue with a nice blue cloth interior but ran rough and had obvious problems. I bought my first Chrysler product, a 2014 Durango, about a year ago and it has been a delightful and flawless vehicle for 25,000 miles. The 360 has been beefed up to a proper level and the car barks out through headers into Flowmasters. Years later they were running the Dodge Diplomat and they were really pretty good. Gets rid of a lot of headaches. The test led to the purchase of Ford Mustangs in 1982, for use as traffic enforcement cars. I know the seats werent leather too. It was the replacement for the Maverick which in turn was the replacement for the Falcon. Model T Manual 1924 Chevrolet owner's manual (Canada) 1934 Studebaker Dictator Owner's Manual . 1968 Dodge Monaco with a 383 cubic inch motor. The skimpy 7 1/4 rear end wore out prematurely. Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler Police Cars 1979-1994 notes that the 360 powered St. Regis, Newport, and Gran Fury were the fastest and best performing police cars of the era. They disappear underneath the headlights. Door handles coming off, seams tearing loose, dashes cracking in 2 years, the pad and horn switches falling out of the steering wheels, mirrors falling off, mechanical digital clocks failing, dash switches and knobs breaking, especially on the climate control and push button radios, headliners falling down, sunvisors breaking, etc. A new grille for its final year heralded the merger of the Fifth Avenue and New Yorker names in 1982, in the more successful luxury version of the M-body Dodge Diplomat. It has neither. Although this model, like the Aspen/Volare and Omni/Horizon models, was conceptually fine and could have been competitive, new Chryslers launched at that time werent even half-baked when foisted on the public. Seems really tacky. This just looks like the car company ran out of good ideas and let the car get junky. My dad eased one in 1978 and it was junk with a capital J. The Ford LTD was built on the companys new downsized but still large Panther platform and featured 4.9-litre and 5.8-litre V8 engines, with the optional 351 being restricted for police operators only from 1981. Wow, we really do have some things in common, although I think your LeBaron experience was even worse than ours. In this case, it's a 360-powered St. Regis worked up to represent a Michigan State Police car. The Ford LTD Crown Victoria was the main entry from the Blue Oval brand during the 1980s. Unfortunately for Chrysler, their luck just straight-up sucked. (ABC Comedic, sarcastic Version of Miami Vice in the same time period). Newly-installed CEO Iacocca went to Congress seeking loan. Insanity! 1980's. Since these units werent built to dealer orders, it was almost as though the factory workers were being told to simply grab whichever parts were in the bins, and to just slap them on. . Pursuit Police Vehicle submodel, manufactured or offered in the years 2012-2014 with sedan body type, equipped with engines of 3604 - 5654 cc (220.2 - 345.6 . I replaced the standard 85 MPH speedometer with a certified speedometer (120 MPH) that was set to the car's original odometer mileage. The St. Regis was based on Chrysler's rear wheel drive R-body platform, itself based on a modified version of the circa 1971 B-body design that provided the underpinnings for such cars as the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler Cordoba. The St.Regis looks like one of the worst. 1979 Dodge St Regis Police TJ Hooker R Body 1979 60,100 Automatic Davis, California, United States View 1979 Dodge Magnum XE ORIGINAL (Cordoba, St. Regis, 1978 Dodge Magnum GT) NO RESV 1979 V8 (360 CI) 52,000 Automatic Broad Brook, Connecticut, United States View 1979 Dodge Magnum XE ALL ORIGINAL (Cordoba, St. Regis, 1978 Dodge Magnum GT) 52K Its very hard to tell the rust problem though, as the thick chrome trims cover up the door seals and rocker panel, where is most suspicious to rust. It was only produced from 1979 to 1981 and most of the 58,000+ cars produced went to fleet use. 1978 Dodge Diplomat 4,804 mi $ 16,500 or $272/mo Gateway Classic Cars of Tulsa is proud to present this slick 1978 Dodge Diplomat Coupe. Location. 1:43 Car 1980-1999 USA. 1978 Dodge LRT Express. Has the trusty Chrysler 318 V8. He pulled the engine to put in a 53 Willys and sold the car before he finished it. These cars are a great deal for St Regis shoppers. Hope it goes to an owner who keeps it up and keeps it original! lol. The next up was the Dodge Aspen. Only 34,434 St. Regis sedans were produced in 1979. Find 3 used Dodge Diplomat as low as $3,999 on I still cant get past the way Dodge partially wrapped chrome bumpers with plastic, leaving exposed plastic edges. lol. 2021. . The Impala was phased out in 1986 when the Caprice 9C1 police pack replaced it, but would come back in the future. 1968 Dodge Monaco. However, no factory 360 M-body cop cars were ever produced. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The Ultimate Unloved: 1980 Dodge St. Regis Police Cruiser. Needs a L F manual window regulator; and the headliner re glued. Though if it was mine, Id have to get rid of that radio. A period correct light bar, iren, potlights, hotgun rack and non-functional police radio were installed. Positioned above the Coronet, but sharing the same chassis, were the Dodge Royal and Dodge Custom Royal. Coinciding with the 1979 fuel crisis, high interest rates and the uncertain future of the company forced Chrysler into a high proportion of fleet sales for its full-size sedans. Youd think someone at Chrysler would have known better than to repeat that past mistake. Michael Simonson wrote that 19,000 police St. Regis models were made in 1979, 6,000 in 1980, and 2,000 in 1981; most were ordinary police cars rather than special interceptors, and many were destroyed in movies.
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