Now Ive got to make the payment AND make the repair. They keep telling me that its aligned. Ive gone through 3 steering racks. I took it in to the dealership since I had purchased a full premium warranty. How To Replace Steering Shaft 04-11 Ford F-150 1A Auto: Repair Tips & Secrets Only Mechanics Know 1.99M subscribers Subscribe 907 Share 231K views 9 years ago Ford Auto Repair Videos Buy Now!. Sure would be nice to see a solution! My truck was made in 7/14, one month after the recall dates. Yes i have this problem too. my stearing wheel is off center, feels like my toe is off, going into dealership to talk with service soon. My brakes were terrible, the gas mileage suck my radio and navigation went down. Its scary and not ok .. this will eventually cause an accident and if its me I will sue the shit out of Ford !!! My steering got stuck while making a turn. I purchased a 2017 Ford F-150 new in 2017 and have now 61,000+ miles on it now. Pull hard to the left 90% of the time and 10% to the right. Same probleme F150 2018 39000 KM Then I got off the highway and pulled into a parking lot. Power steering cuts. I have had it in the local shop numerous times for the issues with it. Dealership replaced wheel bearing. You have to turn the wheel slightly to correct, and you dont feel totally in control for a second or two. drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. This is my 6 vehicle new that i had purchased from the Ford Corporation. Im very upset that I risk my and my families life everyday in this vehicle. The contact owns a 2010 Ford F-150. My 2018 F-150 pulls to the left and the steering wheel points to the left (slightly). What a joke . I know I was very lucky to make it back home without being in an accident, but again, Ford gave me no other choice. It went out on her driving down the highway and her truck was trying to pull her into oncoming traffic, she was able to drive off the shoulder, avoided hitting a tree, and come to a stop. Can anything be done about this? Driving down the freeway it is hard to hold my lane at times as I swerve back and forth in the lane trying to hold a straight line. Suddenly pulls to the right. Now the reason for this comment, I recently had ten codes going off in my truck, plus the power steering fault, check brake system , and service adv trac lights. Alignment is good usually happens under 60km hr. Truck pulled to left. Thankfully I was in a parking lot and not on the highway which I had just left. Same issues. I havent had it back to the dealer because there was nothing to show them. These trucks should be afforded the same recall privileges as newer vehicles. Dealership tech told me it was a common problem but since my warranty is out the only fix is to pay 2K for a new steering system. At this point Im scared to drive my truck at any speed. Kind of sounded like the lock linkage in the door but under the steering wheel. Owners with this issue should also file a online complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Feels like theres a lot of play in the front end but everythings tight, wheels and tires are good as well. It looks like Ford is not going to fix it. I called a different Ford dealership on 10.4.21 and was told by that service writer that they are taking appointments for service and the earliest available appointment time is the first week of November. I finally get a check in the mail. Feels like im driving on ice. Ford tells me I need a wiring harness. I have since then (May 8th till now), been looking online about this issue and Ive seen about 30 people post something about their Ford f-150 having the same issue. This problem has been reported by many Ford customers yet no solutions have been posted. I already have a service appointment scheduled and the vehicle is under warranty, so to be fair, Ford hasnt had an opportunity to correct the problem. I to have the dreaded steering rack failure on my 2017 F150 44. I have 2016 f150 with 53000 miles had to replace steering gear which is one complete unit. My trucks steering will stick when driving. I now know it was the steering all along. He says that he has faced financial injury trying to fix the problem, including incurring costs related to purchasing his new vehicle, and including lost wages because he had to miss work to try to deal with the vehicle problems. 2 sets of struts,2 sets of inner and outer tie rods and replaced the lower control arms. Have a 2016 Platinum F150 44. Told I need new rack assembly. You could actually hear it while driving on a rough road as it was clicking back and fourth. I just had this problem in my 2012 ford F 150 and the dealership is charging me for it instead of fixing it. They have done alignment and that didnt work. Noticed some drifting either way when test driving, but thought it due to work tires and needing an alignment. Hit bump at in slight turn, goes unstable. My 2017 f150 pulls to the left and seems to want to take control of the truck while driving. I just had my 2019 f150 towed to the dealership. I have that same problems as everyone else is talking about and then some more with my 2015 f-150 lariat fx4 with 78k miles. He acknowledged the drift. Figure 1. Use the Ford grease. Very disappointing. The second recall involves 220 Ford F-150 pickups for a problem with the steering gear. After I purchased it I noticed that the steering was very loose and when I would take a right turn and come back to center it would continue to pull and continue to turn to the left for a bit before centering again. Its worse in left lane on a four lane highway. It was no different after I got it back. NOTE: I am NOT a fan of Fords Electronic assist power steering since the wifes 2010 ESCAPE steering failed last DEC. Im having some issues with my steering on my 2018 Ford f150 not all the time but when Im mostly driving on the highway. They then say I need an all new rack and pinion for $3100 and unfortunately my 48k mile warranty is up since Im at 49.7k. Had it back to the dealership i bought it at three times. Took it in for Campaign/NHTSA# When she restarted her truck, it all went away and drove perfectly fine for a week and a half, and then did it again. I also have an issue with this and it is particularly bad within the past couple weeks. The best part is, our Ford F-150 Steering Shaft products start from as little as $161.99. One covers a defective " Transmission shift lever ," which may put 16,091 affected trucks into gear without the brake pedal being depressed. The issue stems from underbody . A couple of weeks ago my steering started binding. I am constantly having to make minor steering wheel corrections to keep it going straight down the road, especially at higher speeds. reading others say its not alignement is unnerving. The crown of the road has an affect on it. I wish I had known about this problem before my purchase, because I would have tired a GMC. Got an alignment didnt fix it when back to the shop and said its still not fixed so they did it again and showed me this time anything was off and all parts are with steering where good. aligned and checked at dealer. Same issue. 2015 f150, steering pulls intermittently to left or right, does not return to center and has major drag when making turns. But that goes away when you get back to city speeds. I have a 2017 F150. 2017 f150 44 with 50000 KM. Works when it wants! your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are Im starting to have an issue with my 2015 F150. However, my spider sense is now tingling and Im not expecting a satisfactory resolution after reading of other experiences. At 30,000 miles my entire steering failed driving about 5-8 mph. Traction control fault Problem has persisted I currently have the vehicle at a different vehicle dealer which is the dealer where I purchased the vehicle in Oak Ridge Tennessee. The steering shaft has two U joints, the one closest to the exhaust manifold siezed up making it almost impossible to steer, very dangerous when pulling a camper at highway speed to say the lease. Tire with lug nut cap removed. Drove it until it broke. Truck suddenly pulls hard right and involved in a glancing blow to a vehicle next to me. The shaft is failing due to corrosion/rust. No power steering. I am also having same issue. Check the u joints in the steering shaft. Power steering fluid is black and has a burnt odor to it. Multiple trips to dealer, multiple alignments done, no fix. Woohoo, didnt fix the problem. If you are interested in advertising a for-profit service, contact us. While driving 10 mph, the vehicle lost steering functionality. I get that its older and used but to find out that this has been a major issue in these trucks, and there is no extended warranty/recall to fix this issue is very concerning. Timothy A Nord, My 2015 f 150 truck seems like when you turn the wheel it catches . It also started making a loud horrible screeching noise, and the power steering assist & advance track assist lights came on as well. Is this vehicle safe? But I. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. We use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to personalize content and ads. Stiff or no steering after hitting a bump. 2017 Ford Raptor had the same issue. Service tells me they thought it could be a sensor and reset everything but nothing came back. Not a fan of the electric steering!!!! Same problem. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. I thought if it was an easy and cheap fix, I could do it myself. After three (3) alligments at different places same issue here. it would have tough spots to steer through, and as the truck would warm up sometimes the steering would get easier and the tough spots would sorta disappear then a few days later it would stiffen up and id have the tight spots return. Ford recalls 12,328 F-150s for faulty steering shaft Second recall issued for all-new pickup May 12, 2015 01:00 AM Nora Naughton Share Share BLOOMBERG BREAKING NEWS ALERTS: Sign up and be the. During a long trip by the time you get to your destination your arm, hand and fingers are so stressed and tired that I need to take some pain relievers. Now i am faced with the constant nagging of the steering in this truck. Power steering went out. I am forced to drive it to work daily and another of the time Im afraid to have it on the road. Two many of us are having the same problem, I have Im having the same problem with my truck 2016 F150 single cab steering wheel problems I take it to Ford dealer twice and they told me there was nothing wrong with it I am 3 F150 right now 2013 F150 single cab 2016 F150 SuperCrew 2016 F150 single cab thats the one with the problems I own a 2003 Expedition so I know how Ford F-150 and for General steering wheel feels my son dogs are 2018 F150 did I try several times and it feels great compared to this 2016 F150 single cab the one with the issues Im just before 4 to just dont care that its just theyre not qualified to find the problem or they just dont care I like my trucks Im not going to spend thousands of dollars to fix a problem before she fixed a long time ago I know cost if someone care up there let me know Im willing to testify against score I can prove it that I Own. Am I eligible for this? I was told by two mechanic that almost on a yearly basis the steering shaft should be lubricated, as it is not in a very covered area so it see's a lot of road salt and debris. I need help . I have a 2016 ford f-150 and we are also having issues with the power steering we drive it and on occasion it seems as if it loses the power steering for a second and you have to jerk it back to straight. Close. I have an appt with a local garage to have it looked at next week. Any of these signs can indicate a problem. I bought my teenage daughter a 2014 F150, and her power steering has gone out twice in the last 2 weeks. When it sticks while turning to left I can not correct so I turn briefly in direction of turn then back and I can steer. I took it in and got new bearings, tires, and an alignment. Please include me in this class action lawsuit. Ive had it in several times and they cant fix it, although the technicians acknowledge the problem is there. Dealership states that it is the nature of the truck and could possibly be a ball joint sticking which is causing the issue that you are feeling. F150 2016..the steering wheel has pulled to the left since I drove it off the lot. Recall information provided by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. I have a 2016 F150 4 wheel drive,16000 miles,driving down the road 40 mph,truck went into slide for no reason,counter steered,(did nothing)went into ditch and flipped on drivers side.The only thing that saved it from being totaled,was the running boards.My first thought was it was the truck,now im positive.Thought it was black ice,but the road was dry! Its been in for multiple alignments. but Im thinking Ford going to say thats normal. I am also experiencing a very dangerous steering issue. The torque sensor could also cause auto steer issues which cause the vehicle to turn on its own. Once the manufacturer (or NHTSA) has discovered that a safety recall is necessary on your vehicle, you won't have to pay anything for recall-related repairs. it was diagnosed 11/12/2020. I didnt get the entire amount of 106.00 deductible. This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. Truck has 80,000 miles on it. OWNERS MAY CONTACT FORD AT 1-866-436-7332. Its very dangerous. Similar issues. Did that fix the issues? On back order with no ETA. Managers dodging calls etc. I just bought a 2018 f150 with 33333 miles on it I noticed it pull to the left as I was driving it home after I picked it up I call the dealer and set up an appointment to check it out. Dealer claimed they were unable to replicate and sent me on my way. Impossible to get it to track in a straight line. I have a 2017 F-150 and Ive had several occurrences with this issue. Each occasion, slowing down to a stop, engine shuts off while making a turn, and I put it in neutral while pressing brakes, starts up, and I keep going down the road. Then at some point I make a sharp turn and it starts again. Purchased with 2 miles on the truck. FIND YOUR LOCAL Ford Service Center 2022 Ford F-150 Recall Does it turn easier if you rev the engine? Just started doing this from Time to time, started April 17, 2021. I just purchased a used, Ford Certified 2018 F-150 Super Crew 4WD Limited and didnt notice any steering issues during a test drive. If I had not had a good grip on my steering wheel to counter act what the truck was doing on its own I would have made a right hand turn into a tree along the street. I cant drive it like that either. The manufacturer was not contacted. This past weekend I was in a parking lot and my steering went out and veered to the right and I hit a tree. I have the same problems with my F-150 2018. 2015 wonders left and right, steering also gets stuck and wont go back to center. He says that he had to pay a $5,000 adjustment for the 2017 vehicle, which had around 27,188 miles on the odometer on the date of purchase. Almost 4000 to fix. Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the. My 2017 F-150 power steering went out while driving. Just happened first time today. Steering sometimes makes a clicking or grinding sound turning left. If replacing the pump is needed should i be looking at tasca for motorcraft replacement or are there better ones/better places to be looking? With electric steering, there could be any number of issues, internal corrosion causing issues with the ball nut assembly.
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