If thats the case, then the return shipping address will have to be the one at your supplier in China. What are some of the best AliExpress dropshipping products? The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. The first part of setting up your store is selecting a niche, or the selection of dropshipping products youre going to sell. This brings me to exactly the other point of why you should include a shipping policy when dropshipping; it informs your customer about your shipping process. Dropshipping Policy Examples and Template Writing a Shipping Policy for Your Dropshipping Website PRO TIP: Save time & money with the complete compliance bundle trusted by over 100,000 businesses and create essential legal policies personalized to your needs in minutes. An extra tip is to add your shipping policy to Shopifys Legal section. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How To Add Shipping Policy On Shopify - A Step By Step Tutorial. 1.1. Expedited shipping (2-4 business days): $25. Most of the time, you can advise them to contact you if they feel that their package has gone missing. Explain step by step what your customer needs to do if they want to submit a refund request and send the product back. Thats not the most useful option when dropshipping with AliExpress since the buyer will typically unpack and open the package, which means theyll break the seals. #: Use tables and other formatting options to underpin important information, like shipping prices and timelines. Start your own dropshipping business without paying for a course. The next best alternative that might work better for you if shipping is an issue is offering refunds without asking for a product return. Stating this on the policy acts as additional information while accounting for how long to wait for a shipment. AliDropship is a solution for entrepreneurs that want to start a dropshipping business. For the final step, head over to Online Store -> Navigation, to add your new shipping policy to your footer menu and/or other menus! Offer a free return and full refund (better for high-ticket items); Offer them to keep the faulty product and give them a full refund (best for low-cost products); Offer them to keep the product, plus offer a replacement item or store credit; Your customers will have a clear and transparent process to follow; Youll avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings; Your customers will feel secure, and youll prevent suspicion; To comply with different customer country laws; Items that can and cant be returned or exchanged; How much time a customer has to return an item; The conditions that have to be fulfilled; The shape of the products returned (worn, damaged, used, etc. If you need help drafting a return and refund policy for your dropshipping business,check out our articleon the subject. If you see yourself frequently ordering from the same seller, its a good idea to ask them for their Skype username to develop a business relationship. When you receive an order, you pay for that product at wholesale prices. Do you offer free returns (you cover the shipping)? To avoid this as much as possible, you could have a size chart to help your customers find the right fit. Ask your suppliers how long it typically takes for them to fulfill and pack orders, as the handling time can differ greatly from a wholesaler to another. In fact, if you dropship in Europe, youll have to provide a 14-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee required by the law. I suggest providing a refund and seeing if there are any changes you should make to your marketing to address their feedback (in many cases, the customer simply may not have fully understood what they were ordering). But what happens when the description doesnt match the product? Reading actual reviews and testimonials and looking at photos made by satisfied users is the best way to decide if a product is a good fit. Do you offer a free return option (or who pays for the return shipping)? For example, you can offer local shoppers in-house pick-ups to cut shipping costs and time. Considering that dropshippers typically dont hold any inventory, dropshipping returns are sent back to your suppliers address or warehouse. The shipping costs may vary depending on which one of your suppliers is fulfilling the order. Another option is to change your suppliers and look for ones that are closer to your customers. As this guide has shown you, creating a dropshipping shipping policy does not have to be a chore if you have a planned roadmap, which this book has given you, including a template you can copy. If youre working exclusively with one supplier, and you dont mind website visitors seeing it, you could place the return address on the return policy page itself. An example is a section on trendy topics like COVID-19 and how its impacted your businesss shipping processes. Step 3: Create Your Legal Policies. Amazon dropshipping is a business model that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to sell products with very little overhead. If your package has indeed gone missing, we will send you a new one free of charge or send you a full refund. And, instead of being secretive and pushing the policy page in the depths of your footer, we recommend being transparent about it. This is by far the easiest way to contact AliExpress dropshipping supplier use my template and make changes as you see fit. Discount On Dropship Stores. Clothing is definitely the number one niche with the highest return rate 25%, while shoes have a 15% return rate. Whether you're creating a new shipping policy from scratch or updating your existing policy to curb customer support inquiries, we've put together this resource to help you cover and communicate the right detailswith a template to get you started along with examples you can borrow ideas from. These suppliers usually have long lead times, think a month or two sometimes from the moment the order is placed. As soon as a customer asks for a return, you must act fast and create a return request at your suppliers store. You can have AliExpress build you a dropshipping store or use the AliDropship plug-in to easily import bestsellers and new products to an existing store. Here is an example of a shipping policy from Allbirds: The shipping policy is one of the default pages that every dropshipping store should have. We are a team of online retailers who are very interested in stocking your line of products on our eCommerce store. Step 1 Submit a refund request by sending an email to {your email}, Step 2 Well send you an email back with the return address to send the product back. However, it is still a crucial step in setting up your dropshipping business. How to Get Fewer Customers to Request a Return? If youre dropshipping with WooCommerce, we recommend using the automatic refund option whenever possible since it takes care of the actual refund right away. If youre selling dropshipping products like shoes, clothing, accessories, or jewelry, always place a sizing table in your product description listings. Hello (Their name if you know it) My name is (Full name) I am the owner of (Your website) an eCommerce store specializing in (Your products). But, if your supplier and return address are in China, this can be very costly to your customers, making them unlikely to buy from your store again. It also helps to compare your draft with the shipping policies of other stores to see how best to improve yours. Your email address will not be published. If youre using DSers, the order will be fulfilled for you automatically, including the tracking number, and your customer will know their order has been shipped. Letting your clients know about this reassures them, even when orders take a bit longer to arrive. If your fulfillment center is based in the US, you might opt for a free domestic shipping option, and a paid international shipping option. Looking through a chart is easier than reading through paragraph chunks to get the needed information. High-quality product photos where potential customers can see precisely what theyre buying are vital to your success. Here are some tips and strategies that will help ensure you get your shipping policy right: For a neater presentation, create various sections that allow readers to scan the shipping policy and quickly find what they need. So, if an item doesnt come as described or arrives damaged, its often your legal obligation to accept a return request. Basically, it's a tool that allows users to simply type in a few letters and be presented with multiple options right away, also known as autocomplete search. In the case of dropshipping stores, the supplier is almost always in China. Thank you! On the subject of a dropshipping return policy, accepting returns shouldnt even be a question but a given. 2023 NicheDropshipping. For free. This way, the supplier wont include any invoices or promotions in the package being sent to your customer. For most international shipments, additional fees like customs will apply. Absolutely! You should also indicate that those are at the sole responsibility of the customer, as it can be hard for a business to calculate or estimate those costs, which can be significant depending on the destination country. If you have a suspicion of your parcel being lost or missing while in Transit, please contact us by email. What Are the Most Common Causes of a Return and Refund Request? Thats precisely what I will explain to you in this section, but if you already know what a shipping policy is, feel free to scroll a bit further. Its okay to embellish a little, but dont misinform or make fake claims about the product. And finally, long shipping times and missed delivery deadlines are two other common reasons for refund requests. Kindly account for these charges as you place your order.. Doing this will help your buyers get an accurate picture of the product size, colors, and fit and decide if it suits them or not. Although your product description should be well-written, it shouldnt be deceptive and give false expectations about a product. In other words, the online store owner never has the actual physical products that it sells in hand. Never skip adding these default pages to your dropshipping store. When you receive an order, purchase the item on AliExpress and enter your customers name and shipping address. Sometimes, there are ways to have a faster delivery time when dropshipping as well. Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans. What to Include in a Dropshipping Shipping Policy? AliExpress makes it easy to find products to sell in your ecommerce store without having to worry about inventory or shipping. Its as simple as listing a product for sale on your website and sending an email to your supplier to ship the item on your behalf whenever you get an order. Covid-19 Shipping Policy. Aesthentials have the perfect shipping policy. Notifications are sent out immediately via email after the package is ready for shipment. For a more personalized experience, mention the duration it takes to ship to the more popular regions in your store. Have a structured and clearly outlined return process thats understandable, straightforward, and easy to follow. Youll start receiving free tips and resources soon. Most people think of a shipping policy as legal protection, but we actually view it as a sales tool. You may be under the impression that a shipping policy is not required as the online store does not actually ship out the items themselves. Having a structured dropshipping return policy that requires minimal effort from the customers side is the best way to succeed in eCommerce! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you would like to issue a warranty claim, the claim should be submitted within 90 days of you receiving the package. Or you (better for customer loyalty but could result in losses? Now its just a matter of waiting for your customers to receive their order. Choose what to sell and find reliable AliExpress suppliers Marketing is how you help customers find, evaluate, and buy your productits meant to improve a customers experience with your store, in addition to driving revenue. Prepare the questions youll ask suppliers. 2018-2023 Do Dropshipping. If you would like to change the shipping address for your order, please contact us by email and include your new shipping address. 3. Fast shipping can help every business, but unforeseen delays or in-house issues can sometimes occur. There's no standard format for what a Return Policy for dropshipping looks like. How to Give Refunds If Youre Using WooCommerce? While starting a dropshipping business is a great way to launch an ecommerce business from scratch, digging deep through the web to find a reliable supplier can be tough. A dropshipping return policy is an agreement between you (as the online store owner) and your customer. Here is a dropshipping shipping policy template for your inspiration. Alternatively, you can use DSers, which can handle all of this on your behalf, making it easier for you to purchase orders on AliExpress and watch for product price changes. Yes. Eventually, youll begin to figure out who are the reliable and quality suppliers and who are not. However, offering free returns is where most dropshippers disagree. If youre lucky enough to find a supplier that accepts free returns from your customers countries, keep them, and youre good to go! If you dont know where to start, start with the product categories AliExpress has and begin listing options based on what interests you the most or what youd feel the most confident selling. A dropshipping shipping policy should include information about your shipping regions/countries and the shipping duration for each region. This is why the online store is the one that needs to have a shipping policy, as it is where the customers are going to go look for one. For instance, if your supplier offers only a 7-day return and refund period, it doesnt make sense that you provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. You should include a link to your detailed return policy for transparency. Buy Any 3 Dropship Stores In this video, we'll be walking you through everything you need to know about setting the right shipping, return, and payment policies when dropshipping from. Once youve demonstrated you can bring in recurring sales, some sellers will allow you to place your logo on products or include custom invoices and branded inserts into shipping packages. On this page, paste our Do Dropshipping Shipping Policy Template (you can find it in this article), and configure it to match it with your dropshipping store! Click on image to zoom / Click button below to see more images 1 2 3 Download Drop Shipping Agreement Template Today: USD 7.99 Download It Now Payments: Credit Cards processed by PayPal Available premium file formats: Microsoft Word (.docx) Other languages available: If you do have a chart and its correct and updated, you could mention in your return policy that you wont accept returns based on wrong sizes. You can use the AliExpress Buyer Protection if the item doesnt arrive within the deadline, comes damaged, or is different than described. Change all words that are located in the square brackets, and make any other modifications to make the shipping policy suited for your store. Feel free to skip the above step if youre using DSers. Many sellers on AliExpress have existing product photos you can use on your store, and basic product descriptions are provided as well. What to Discuss with Suppliers before Drafting Your Return Policy? Make sure to clearly state any additional costs that might be associated with certain options. How to create a shipping policy in Shopify? One of the best dropshipping tips I have: build relationships with the reliable suppliers. All our orders are processed and shipped out within [NUMBER] business days. A well-written return and refund policy can help you create trust, loyalty and boost your customer service game. DSers will even let you know when a supplier on AliExpress has changed their price or run out of stock and suggest other dropshipping suppliers. You might want to consider this possibility in cases when the return shipping would be way too expensive for the customer or yourself to handle. As weve mentioned before, AliExpress offers a free return up to 15 days from arrival for products that arent opened or damaged in any way. When theres an issue with an order a customer placed on your store, its usually because the order never arrived or your customer is not happy with their purchase. In this case, theres nothing you can do to shorten these delivery times. Do Dropshipping is supported by our participation in affiliate programs. Always inform your customer of your reservations on shipping to various parts or regions. [WEBSITENAME] will happily accept returns due to change of mind as long as the request is received by us within 30 days of you receiving the item. Thats typically the case for dropshipping high-ticket products where its more worth it. So, here are all the pros and cons of accepting free returns: As a marketplace with different sellers, AliExpress has one general Free Returns program where you can return an item within 15 days for free if its unpacked and undamaged. After deciding what to include and present on your dropshipping shipping policy, create a draft and review it. So, to not miss out on any sales, you should make a separate page for Returns and Refunds, as Spigen does here: But, to make your conditions extra clear and more easily findable to your customers, you should display the most important part of your return and refund policy in your shipping policy as well. So, let your customers see all those happy customers and reap the benefits of user-generated content. Dropshipping through AliExpress is a great way to get started selling online once you have everything set up. Shopify will automatically update your Amazon listings to match your inventory in your store. All Registered. Summarize your return and refund policy in your shipping policy to make it easier for your customers to decide if they wish to shop with you or not. In this situation, contact the supplier to resolve the issue or use AliExpress Buyer Protection. Dropshipping Email Template 1. This drives costs down and helps them offer free or cheap shipping costs, too. Once we receive the package, the refund will be processed and you will receive the full value of the product as a refund. With standard free shipping, customers can expect these orders to reach them in 5-7 working days. Luckily, youve found this article, so setting up your shipping policy shouldnt be that hard anymore. #: Domestic and international shipping information. Also, your customers in the US have the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protecting them as buyers. For international shoppers, you can include the additional charges they would face, such as import taxes. As discussed above, the customer who visits your website generally doesnt know that you use a supplier to fulfill your orders, which means that your shipping policy will look like any other online store. It informs your customers about: Fulfillment speeds Shipping and processing timelines Costs International shipping options As for domestic shipping, clearly state the areas covered by your existing shipping methods to ensure local customers know what to expect. Thats it! Dropshipping with AliExpress - Pros and cons Pros: Cons: How to start dropshipping with AliExpress 1. Now that you have your store filled with products ready to sell and dropship, what do you do once you get your first order? It should communicate if any lockdown restrictions delay shipping or if you need to follow special procedures like contactless delivery. Will you accept a return if the package is opened? Step 3 Well inform you once the product arrives back and offer you a full refund, a replacement product, or store credit; If you have a Shopify store, youre in luck! With this, youll decrease your customer service tasks and reduce unnecessary emails back and forth. Start youronline businesstoday. Use this dropshipping profit calculator to learn your potential earnings! Dropshipping Policy Examples and Template, Writing a Shipping Policy for Your Dropshipping Website. Try Shopify free for 3 days, no credit cardrequired. In fact, it can cost you much more than simply letting a customer keep a defective product and offer a refund or replacement. As soon as the item is returned to your supplier, they will refund you the money. Daniela is a growth marketer and has extensive expertise in the mechanics of running a successful eCommerce store. If after 14 business days you do not have your products, kindly email us for more assistance.. However, if youre working with multiple suppliers, simply have an email where customers can request a refund and get in touch with you. While adding products to your Dropshipping store, here are the things you need to keep in mind-. The second most significant reason for having a high return rate is if the product isnt a good fit or is the wrong size. You can see the templates on the settings page under the templates tab. Furthermore, it would help if you displayed it on your online store in a way thats easy to find, locate, and read. Dropshipping chrome extensions, Your email address will not be published. Today, nobody wants to wait 60 to 90 days to receive a product. And remember that you will also learn many things by just starting to build your dropshipping store and learning things step-by-step , Good luck with your dropshipping store! PRO TIP: Save time & money with the complete compliance bundle trusted by over 150,000 businesses and create essential legal policies personalized to your needs in minutes. While operating an online business, acknowledge all your potential clients. Pick A Selling Platform. The layout is designed for the online . Hiding shipping costs from the buyer until the end can negatively affect the shopping experience. But dont worry, if youre a beginner it isnt strictly necessary. #: Delivery times for various shipping regions. Its also important to explain issues that can cause delays perhaps you only process orders on weekdays? How to Give Refunds If You're Using WooCommerce? AliDropship - Instant access to 50,000+ products that are bestsellers on AliExpress. With an AliExpress dropshipping business, your competitive advantage wont be your price or unique proprietary products. Now that we understand how AliExpress can help you source products as a dropshipper and why its important to correctly position your store, lets move on to getting your store set up. Reduced customer requests save you time and ensure you dont get an overwhelming amount of bad, shipping-related reviews these can kill your business before it starts. Setting up your AliExpress dropshipping store. So, here are several options you could try: Getting the help of a dropshipping agent in China with a worldwide fulfillment center and warehouses close to your customers can help you reduce your return shipping costs. Add Products to Your Store. Add the prices for each and the duration expected to take for the orders to arrive. If you want to do this manually, it might be a good idea to have a spreadsheet handy with a list of all the products on your site, the amount youre selling them for, the amount they cost on AliExpress, and a link to the AliExpress listing. This number helps you track your product throughout the shipping process.
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