We strive to keep everyone online, all the time – yet many issues can arise and cause unwanted downtime or slowdowns. This includes weather, power surges, router failure and hidden network traffic.

Before requesting a home visit from our ground crew, please go through the following steps:

(1) Power-cycle the equipment – this means simply unplugging the radio (CCCS equipment, usually mounted outside the house) and router (client equipment, connected to the radio via LAN cable) from the wall/powerbar – waiting a few seconds – and plugging back in. Wait a minute or so for everything to reconnect, then test again.

(2) Bypass router – sometimes routers default, signal diminishes with distance/resistance (walls etc), or outright die – especially after a power outage/surge. Many outages are in fact router failures; you can test this by unplugging the WAN/Internet cable from the back of the router (connected to the LAN port in the outdoor radio’s power supply), and putting it directly into your computer/laptop. Test again.

(3) Speedtest – after power-cycling all equipment and bypassing the router, if you are still offline, or experiencing slow rates (verify at, please contact our support services via email if possible at, or via phone at 1-844-982-0094. Include the results from your speedtest for a faster response.


Phone number: (844) 982-0094 (Please leave a detailed message of your problem or question. Also it is very important that you make sure you provide your name and phone number that we can call you back at.)

e-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Facebook: (link is external)

Mailing address:
Po Box 278
Bella Coola, B.C.
V0T 1C0

For Billing inquiries: (link sends e-mail)

Any questions, problems or comments please send an e-mail or give us a ring.